Friday, 9 November 2012

Visual Learning: The Basics

Explanation of Visual Learning

Visual learning is the ability and skill to learn via any visual stimulus (pictures, patterns, films and arts). Visual learners find it easy to remember a story by using a picture, or younger learners tend to learn letters through pictorial representations of the alphabet.

Visual learning does not mean that you have to be an artist; it means that you learn via your sight.

Do I do any of these?

  1. Do I enjoy looking at the pictures in a magazine verses reading the article
  2. I find visual puzzles easier to solve than verbal riddles
  3. I remember directions via landmarks
  4. Uses pictures in my daily activities
  5. Visual Art stimulate or interest you
  6. Enjoy designing and co-ordinating colours/objects/styles/patterns

If you said yes to a few of the above...

or similar behaviours you may want to adapt your learning and performance to a more visual method.... and see if you have any changes in your work or education.

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  1. Added information: children/adults who are easily distracted, battle to focus, overactive and impulsive would benefit from pictures with less details and activities in them...