Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The big question: Parenting?


What did we think of our parents and our childhood...

Do you think that because we were children and experienced our parents raising us that (from our own childhood views) we are then knowledgeable parents?

Is it possible that parenting from a child's perspective would influence our parenting? Or make us experts in parenting?

Take some time, think about your parents, your childhood, how you behave as a parent and your child's reactions to your parenting, do you notice similarities or differences between your parents and yourself?

We all have experiences, we have all been children and developed opinions, views and perspectives about our parents and how they raised us. This begs the question though that are we experts at being parents from our own experiences, were our parents and will our children be?

Who are Parenting Experts?

There are many people who proclaim to be parenting experts; you have varying backgrounds, qualifications and experiences. As parents you have to sift through and find the diamonds in the rough (as it were). 

I believe that no one can be proclaim to be the ultimate and all knowledgeable in this field because children are unique individuals. The parenting skills and techniques to raise one child can vary considerably to the next. Children like adults have views; some professionals will stereotype gender parenting approaches (parent and child) and others will umbrella parenting as universal and can be applied to all children. The view that I follow is to view parenting as unique, personal and a holisitic approach to your child.

How do you feel about "Parental Guidance"?

My experience and research has shown me that many parents are hesitant towards parent guidance as they feel it "attacks" their own parenting skills or role as a parent. How do you feel?

As a parent are you open to advice? Do you feel your child is the concern? Or is it teamwork between your child and you?

How would you like the world to view parenting and how would you prefer professionals to approach you as a parent?

I would love to hear your feedback...

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