Thursday, 8 November 2012

Learning Techniques

Did you know that every person, including your child, has different learning techniques?

What many parents, individuals, teachers and others do not always realise or acknowledge is that we all have different learning styles. The best learning or study technique for yourself may not be the same for your child, a friend or even spouse.

The results of using the incorrect technique is that you do not reach your true performance level; frequently feeling frustrated or defeated.

How do you change this?

The initial step is to identify how you learn, or how your child learns. Start by watching your daily behaviours: do you remember numbers with ease, do you enjoying seeing pictures, having a debate with friends, using your hands, doing activities or enjoy organising and creating structure?

These basic observations are the starting point of understanding how you learn... they lead to trial - error action that ultimately defines the best method of learning for you. Understanding how you learn or how your child learns affects your work performance and your child's academic performance.

The key point to remember here with regards to your child is that even though you may have identified their key learning style - not everyone is an academic AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY FINE!

Some basic styles of learning:

  1. Sight Learning (Visual Learning)
  2. Hearing (Auditory Learning)
  3. Reading (Auditory Learning)
  4. Speaking (Auditory Learning)
  5. Writing (Auditory Learning)
  6. Touch (Tactile Learning)
  7. Movement (Kinaesthetic Learning)
  8. Doing - Hands on (Practical Learning)
One of the following blogs will address how to identify these learning techniques in yourself and your child, as well as, how to apply this to your work, studies and general performance areas of your life.

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