Tuesday, 9 October 2012

The Start of a Journey:

Understanding the value of Education

What is education?

The question we most often wonder, the question that appears so easy to define, but to be completely honest is not. Education is development, it is growth and it is personalised. Education is creating understanding, awareness and communication. It is the root of everything and creates new ideas, support systems and societies. I would say that education is invaluable and the source of creating who we become, but education is not only school or academic education - it is life: everything about you - your culture, religion, family and of course where your potential lies.

Exploring the avenues:

Education starts with you, what do you know, what makes you unique and what is your passion? Understanding these attributes about yourself drives your education. Frequently, education is viewed in a conservative, narrow and simplified way. This prevents us from creating understanding, learning knowledge and being aware - even jobs - we believe there are better jobs, therefore better types of education - but there is not - there is you, your passion and your life. My dream is that everyone becomes aware of who they are, to lead a successful and happy life.

Where this blog is heading:

I hope to cover education, development and protection of us, humans and those we are bound to protect to live. This includes each other and our ecosystem, and those who share it with us. I believe education starts with parents - parents are the key and with a good understanding of parenting and a parent willing to learn, we will make a difference, as our children will grow into themselves and create a better world. Idealistic? Yes, but a possible reality only networking, sharing, awareness and development can create this. I hope you enjoy the blogs  - and please as a first time blogger feedback (good and bad), opinions and questions are always welcome :)

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