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Why I started my business and why I love my work

What many of you may or may not know about me is that I am both dyslexic and ADHD. I battled through school and ultimately grew a strong dislike to my education. This resulted in me not realising my full potential and not acknowledging my true capabilities. Sadly, this influenced all spheres of my life, to such an extent that even today in my small "town" I am not fully supported by my local schools, local professional and some of my social circles. This is a heart breaker, but even more frustrating and hurtful were the continuous judgements by my teachers and peers when I was at school. Although, I was confronted with adversity in my earlier and developmental years I survived and decided to assist children in similar positions - I wanted to make the change, give the support that could change a child's life.

I will openly admit that I had some amazing teachers who changed my life and none more notable than Mrs Richardson-Yeates (as she was referred to in my standard 2 year). I still believe to this day that she is the sole reason I overcame my adversity and proved all the earlier years criticisms wrong. She is the most remarkable person and she changed my life. My biggest wish is to thank her for this action that may have seem so small at the time, but made the biggest difference. Although, I can only hope to make the difference she made in my life with the children I guide. Furthermore, to provide as much parental awareness as possible. I aspire to achieve the same affect she had in my life.

What you may not know is that in my foundational years it was predicted that I would probably not complete school. I can proudly stand here today and say not only did I complete school I have more than a few degrees and diplomas behind my name. My experience has taught me never to estimate a child's potential and draw limitations on who they may become, but to be open and supportive of who they are.

My business or passion started from my own core experience, but also as I grew and became involved in various forms of education  I noticed the lack of support and understanding there was for children, even more so the lack of facilities and guidance available to parents, to create parental awareness. Enter EduHelp ... I do not proclaim to know or understand everything, but I do believe in my abilities to help children understand who they are and how best to reach their potential. I have seen the results, have parents and children who would stand testimony to the difference my gift has made in their lives.

What is EduHelp?

EduHelp is a support learning facility, I aim to support, guide and assist children and their parents to be able to function in todays' educational and social school environments. In order for the children to become functional members in society. My aim is to provide children with a sense of security to grow, self-confidence, creativity, independence, desire and self-actualisation (or acceptance and understanding of who they are) so that they can live their lives successfully.

My belief is that if every child realises their own skills, uniqueness and potential that they will select careers and lifestyles that will benefit them. Today so many career types are defined by society as the 'ideal' career for every child. Your child is not every child - they are all different, the difference between even siblings is notable. It is essential that the child and their support network understand how they learn, their talents (and every child has a talent - performing the best at school is not the ONLY talent or indicator of future potential), who they are and their dreams. Yes, a child's dream may change but at the heart of every dream is a definition of who your child is - embrace who they are and your child will thrive.

So with all these differences what does EduHelp do? We are a facility that is individualised to each child, there is no one method or correct way. Every child who walks through my door is given a tailor-made program designed around them. The program is aimed to remain at a comfort level for each child, but challenge them to break these levels so that they can progress and achieve.

Last words...

Think about your child, take time to really see them and work with them. Your support and understanding is every child's dream. Although, EduHelp can not reach every parent and child, we can spread the word, create awareness and make a difference... It takes one person to start the ball rolling, but it takes a team to keep the ball going. Be a part of the team who creates awareness, be a part of the team who supports your child...

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